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Social Lotto Pool aggregates lottery tickets together into large lottery pools. We are based out of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Our goal is to try to win the lottery jackpot together. Large lottery pools create a greater chance of winning the lottery. With large pool sizes, the chances of winning the lottery jackpot increase because of the large spread of tickets without increasing the amount of money you have to use on buying more and more tickets.

SocialLottoPool.com is the best social lottery pool website that allows users to easily and securely order official state lottery tickets online. The games include Mega Millions, Powerball, Money Ball, and Cash 4 Life. Users pick their own numbers and play in online groups to pool tickets with friends and share the winnings, like the office lottery pool.

We buy tickets for our clients and enter them into the pool of their choice. We use our automated software that notifies our employees when a purchase has been made for a client. Our employees then proceed to purchase and scan the ticket. The scanned ticket is entered into our database for auditing and the receipt is emailed to the purchaser. Our pools are open until a few hours before the official draw date, which allows time for last minute purchases. After the official lottery results are reported, our automated software assigns each member their winnings.

Unlike traditional pools where the pool winnings are split evenly, here at Social Lotto Pool the pool winnings are split based on how much a member has contributed to the pool. For example, if member A buys 40 tickets and member B buys 10 tickets, there will be a total of 50 tickets in the pool. If the pool wins a total of $100, member A would receive $80 (40/50 or 80%) while member B would receive $20, based on the 20% equity member B owns.

The concept is clear, the more tickets that are in a pool, the greater the likelihood of winning the jackpot. The catch 22, however, is the more tickets that are in a pool, the less equity you own of that pool. Therefore the system works similar to evolution, the more cooperative competition between members, the better everyone fairs by increasing the chances of winning the jackpot for everyone, even the person that entered only one ticket. However, if the person who bought only one ticket and that ticket happened to be the jackpot winning ticket, that person would only receive their percentage share of the pool.

We feel it is important to remind everyone that we do not offer a lottery or lottery drawing; the tickets we purchase on behalf of our clients are tickets for the major lotteries such as Mega Millions or Power Ball. Many people try to gain an edge over the lottery and the simple fact is you CAN’T. The best way to increase our odds of winning is to play together!

About our company


Social Lotto Pool, part of SmartCents LLC, a is a Northern Virginia based company. The concept of Social Lotto Pool came from the idea of creating the largest lottery pool in history. The idea was that the only way of increasing your odds of winning the jackpot is to play the lottery cooperatively was interesting. It all started when the Power Ball hit its record jackpot high. The founders of Social Lotto Pool stated that they would rather see 500 people win $1 million verses 1 person win $500. We figured 500 people would still be very happy that they won $1 million dollars.

Also, there were always sad stories of employee workers that contribute to a small work pool every week and forget to contribute the one week when they won the jackpot. We wanted to be mindful that members may also want to create their own pool for this very reason. Sometimes you just don't have any cash on you and you miss out on that week’s lottery pool hoping that wasn't the week you would be stuck at work while your co-workers retired early.

Thus the journey began. We wanted to offer a service that would aggregate lottery tickets together into a few pools. We are software developers that have been making web based enterprise systems for many years and decided to put our skills and knowledge into something of our own that could help us and other people. Our motto is simple 'Let's Win Together!' and feel as if it couldn't be more accurate.

Our Amazing Talent

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Eric Bowler

Founder, Ticket Manager, Software Architect

I like to create technology tools that help people and bring people together in a cooperative manner. I obtained my BS in Comp Sci at VCU and my MBA from Ashford Unv. I like reading books such as Naked Econimics, Outliers, Stumbling on Happiness, WWZ and many many more

April Bowler

Assistant Designer, Ticket Manager

You can call me Ape. Scriptwriter. Videographer. Editor. Photographer. Web & Graphic Designer. Jack of all trades

Aaron Carpenter

Marketing, Business Development

Life long entrepreneur

Lauren Macchiavello

UX Engineer, Assistant (Best Assistant)

Keeps the business running smoothly.

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