How would your life change; if you won the lottery jackpot tonight?

Unleash and Accessorize

Winning the jackpot is an intoxicatingly blissful state of euphoria that 99% of the world can only dream about.  There is an unofficial proclamation that money doesn’t change people, people change people.  And this may be true.  But, spending your luck in the Mega Million will undoubtedly change a person’s life trajectory.  Money may not change a person’s character but it will change the direction they follow. The effects of winning the jackpot are discussed at some length in this article and can provide some framework for current or future winners.


Removing Shackles

Many of us walk through life very aware of our financial constraints.  We instinctively are survivalists.  We work to earn money in order to eat, clothe our backs or provide a roof over our heads.  Bound by debt, many of us live based on what we can afford or not afford.


Winning the jackpot means riding financial suffrage.  Understandably, the change won’t occur instantly.  After the announcement of winning the first few hours or days will be intense.  Not having the prize money instantly, but knowing it’s yours to claim can be nerve racking.  From the time of discovery to receiving the winnings its best utilized as a time of preparation.  


Becoming debt-free is the first item of business on any Jackpot winner’s to-do-list—or should be.  Contacting every debtor and finding out the exact payout amount is first.  Then comparatively price shopping for desired purchases is essential.  Making the conscious effort to decide what you will buy before the money comes will help avoid vultures who will inflate cost.  Also, this will decrease you chances of diverting from the list.  It’s the same principle as when grocery shopping—without a list there is a greater tendency to acquire more items than intended.  Having set plans about bill elimination and large purchases will put ease into the stress of winning. 


Adding Luxuries

No longer stressing over money is like experiencing life on a different planet.  It’s a foreign, unfamiliar and uncharted land for most of the world. But, as a member of the 1% you are now living a life magnetized by luxury.  Luxury is a real concept now.  The very thing you dream about or desire strongly can become a reality.


Winning the Jackpot enables happiness to insert into the lives of more than just the winner.  Each winner has a family unit, a friend circle and a set of communities they belong.  By association they all become beneficiaries of the winnings.  Only you can determine what amount of money each beneficiary gets, just give wisely. Former Jackpot winners have established trusts to manage the money or foundations. Do what’s sensible for you.


As a recently new debt free person, do not be too swayed by materials. Brand names should not lead your purchases.  If you allow material possessions to consume your entire day or mindset take a step back. As a lottery winner life will naturally change the world you live in, but you must continuously make the conscious effort to not allow it to change you.  

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